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Industrial Gear Boxes And Speed Reducers


Worm Gears:
Worm gear right angle reducers come in standard modular configurations. Most manufacturers mirror the others specifications. Worm gear reducers accommodate a wide range of ratios from 5:1 through 3600:1 and horsepower ranges of .012 through 100. HP and ratios depend on the reduction of the box. John Bridge can build many of the standard boxes in house. Give us a call were ready when you are.

Helical Parallel Shafts:

Helical parallel shaft and bevel helical right angle gear drives tackle the most demanding applications. Case hardened and ground helical gears; horizontal split case for ease of maintenance and large diameter output shafts to maximize overhung loads. With maximum torque to 1150500 lb in and ratios from 6.3:1 to 315:1. When it comes to your most demanding applications John Bridge Sons has the expertise and product to satisfy your needs.



Stop Dodging the Issue with Falk Quadrive- Removal Guaranteed!

With the Falk Quadrive, you don't have to turn a blind eye to drive removal issues. Quadrive is guaranteed to come off the shaft, regardless of length of service or operating conditions, or we'll replace it - FREE. And it's backed by the industry's first standard, shaft-to-shaft 3 Year Warranty. So open your eyes to trouble-free drive performance. Contact Rexnord or your Rexnord Distributor Today.

It's a simple fact. The heavy duty, shaft-mounted Falk Quadrive features a completely unique design that makes it the easiest, quickest shaft-mounted drive to install and remove.

Quadrive is built to stand up to continuous rough duty. And now, with new higher ratings, you may be able to downsize the drive, saving money right up front. 
The Falk TA Taper Bushing® design makes sure that drive removal is not only simple, but won't damage the drive, or driven equipment. You don't need extra time. You don't need extra tools. And you're assured safe, worry-free operation.

In a game where there are so few sure things, Falk Quadrive is the right shot to take.

The TA Taper® Bushing... Easiest On, Easiest Off

The torque-assist taper bushing makes installation and removal easy. It eliminates binding found with twin-taper and single-flanged bushings. Concentric operation minimizes wobble, even on worn shafts. The quill cover keeps contaminants out and protects the outboard shaft seal. The inboard bushing location minimizes sheave overhang, saving high-speed bearings. Minimal shaft engagement is required for retrofits.

Lifetime Removal Guarantee

Due to the unique properties of the TA Taper® Bushing, Quadrive is guaranteed to come off the shaft regardless of length of service or operating conditions, or we'll replace it FREE. That's a promise no other shaft-mounted drive can make.

Off-the-Shelf Availability

Whatever your application, Rexnord offers a shaft-mounted solution. Eleven sizes, with 25 to 160 mm (1¾ to 61/2¾) bushing bores, are available with power ratings up to 224kW (300 HP), 39 547 Nm (350,000 lb.-in.) output. Output from 5 to 350 RPM. Horizontal /vertical mounting. And Falk serves a whole world of applications with metric or inch input shafts/bushings, and motor mounts to suit NEMA and IEC requirements. Rexnord distributors stock the Quadrive with modular components locally, in popular sizes, and with accessories. Regional distribution centers offer additional drives and parts. So when we say "off the shelf," we mean it.


Standard Bearings and Seals: Replacement downtime is minimized with locally available bearings and seals. Manufacturers' numbers are published.

  • Severe Duty Grease-Purged Viton Seals: Handle high temperatures; prevent leakage and ultimate drive failure. Grease barrier traps abrasive contaminants before they can groove the shaft or enter the gear drive.   
  • Long Life Gearing: Falk's helical design features high hardness, surface finished teeth with a wider face for maximum load carrying capacity.   
  • A Full Line of Accessories: A complete accessory package includes V-belt guards, torque arms, motor mounts, backstops, cooling fans and other time and money saving options.

Planetgear Reducers:
Planetgear reducers offer a wide range of advantages. Self-aligning gear train, double row self-aligning bearings, sub assembly’s for quick turn around of all ratios and high shock load tolerance. Ratios available from 3.5:1 through 7052:1 and torque ratings to 650000 lb in. Planetgear reducers are rugged, efficient and readily available.

Inline Reducers:
Inline reducers and gearmotors provide high efficiency and compact design for requirements up to 230 Horsepower and torque capacity of 98000 Ratios from 1.4:1 through 16200:1 are available. John Bridge builds the Textron / David Brown Inline reducer, Worm and Helical Right Angle boxes in the Chester, Pa. Location.







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